Our Commitment こだわり

There is a 45R ritual every Wednesday that has been going on since our opening in 2000. We wash/steam, clean and check quality of our clothes when we receive new items every Wednesday. No matter how big the new shipment is, all of our staff members take all day to make sure our clothes are in the best condition before they reach our customers.

You may ask why we wash our clothes. We believe our clothes look their best after they are washed – natural and fresh without unwanted creases you see in a brand new item. Washing clothes has another advantage – we can double check if our clothes are in a perfect condition even after washing them in a washing machine. This way, we are able to see what our customers see in our clothes when they wash them at home.

Every Wednesday at around 11a.m., we receive new items at the store. The volume of each shipment varies – 100 to 200 items. We remove items from the plastic bags, take off the price tags, wash them in washing machine starting with white, the lightest color and going to Indigo, the darkest color. In average, we run about 15 loads. After we hang them dry, we clean each item removing any lint and unnecessary threads making sure there is no damages. These items are finally price tagged and stored in the inventory. Some unwashable items such as silk and wool/cashmere are steamed instead of washed. This is 45R’s Wednesday ritual and our commitment to our clothes and to our clients.