Our Story

45R opened its first store outside of Japan in 2000 at 169 Mercer Street in New York City’s Soho. 45R has been making comfortable everyday clothes with master artisans using natural materials and dyes since its founding in 1977. Our clothes are made from the highest quality materials that are gentle on the body and are perfectly suited for any lifestyle. Our New York store has been offering 45R’s eclectic and unique fashion to America. We incorporate nature motifs into the clothing designs to nurture the mutual relationship between humans and nature. We make clothes that blend our unique aesthetic style and traditional cloth making techniques, which we hope will be passed on from generation to generation. Our style is not dictated by the latest trend. Our desire is to make good honest clothing that you can wear for a long time. Our clothing is not only long lasting, but also is something you will be attached to and you will have a deeper appreciation for. We see our clothes as a gift from nature and, in return, a gift to everyone in the world. And thus begins the history of 45R.